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Looking to up your wakesurfing game? Check out Austin Keen's new pro skimboard, designed for maximum performance and style. Our skimboard offers exceptional release and is perfect for rotations. "Your 360 shuvs will require less effort than 180 shuvs and 540 shuvs require less effort than 360 shuvs." Not only is this board fast and poppy, but it's also incredibly durable, with double-wrapped carbon fiber, Divinycell core and vacuum-sealed construction that's handmade right here in the USA. Whether you're an experienced rider or just starting out, the Austin Keen pro skimboard is the perfect choice for taking your wakesurfing to the next level. “Ride with a fin if you’re not ready for the spin!”. Shop now and experience the difference! Austin is 5'9" at 174 lbs. and rides the 52" skim.

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